Hunter-Baldwin Consulting is a higher education enrollment management company that takes the very best practices of Fortune 500 consumer product sales and marketing companies and combines it with the best practices of higher education enrollment management.
This is a very different enrollment management playbook, but one that is critically needed given the competitive and sea changes that are facing higher education enrollment today. More importantly, it is a proven model that has produced significant results over the past thirteen years to include the very difficult two years of Covid-19.

Beyond the powerful enrollment model, Hunter-Baldwin Consulting is also a personnel coaching company. Given the major risk of going to the outside to hire a V.P., Dean or Director of Enrollment and find out a year later it was a bad hire, Hunter-Baldwin Consulting identifies internal candidates and over 9-12 months develops the new leadership and introduces the new enrollment model. We can also search for external candidates who have strong enrollment competencies but need time to be developed and coached. It is very important to note that Hunter-Baldwin Consulting is not the traditional enrollment consulting company that focuses on the search process, administration and checking the enrollment funnel boxes. We can do all of that. Our experience will prove that we are dynamic leaders who have laser focus on the customer (student, parent, college counselor), spend the majority of the time working in the market, truly understand the responsibility of execution and outcomes and develop marketing and advertising that speak directly to the institution we consult.
Primary Objective
At the heart of the Hunter-Baldwin Consulting outcome is to create a material change in the culture, organization structure, hiring competencies, leadership, enrollment management and the entire search and marketing process. This is accomplished with a proven enrollment process called PATHWAYS.
Building Confidence, Clarity and Purpose.
Initiative • Urgency • Execution
Leadership • Management • Culture Development • Organization Controls • Motivation • Team Building • Market Engagement • Event Management
The PATHWAYS enrollment model simply works if all stake holders are committed to the pre-established game plan and take the time to partner with process and outcomes. The management of PATHWAYS places a significant premium on the following critical areas:
  • Developing a culture that internalizes initiative, urgency and execution.
  • Embraces a management philosophy of setting targets, keeping score and winning.
  • Discipline on solving for the “right things” based on meticulous data collection.
  • A go to market strategy based on enhancement of traditional markets and expansion into markets where there are students like yours—but never expand until you can put “boots on the ground” to service the students in that market.
  • Real time dash board and control chart tracking the key and meaningful enrollment indicators.
  • Funnel management that is developed, managed and scrutinized by a drive period business model with meticulous focus initiatives that are time sensitive, customer developed and has a laser focus on the four enrollment owners: prospective student, parent, college counselor and friends.
  • On and off campus enrollment events that engage and involve the entire campus communities with a philosophy of “We will do it better than the Marriot and Disney.”
  • A search and marketing calendar that aligns where the student is in the enrollment cycle.
  • Significant team recognition and motivation for key objectives obtained. We understand that competition can be fun and productive.
  • Very clear, short and meaningful job descriptions that focus on outcomes against the prime movers of enrollment management.
  • Organization structure that provides for maximum service to areas that will yield and enhance returns.
  • Selection of personnel based on competencies that will create a goal oriented team with an emphasis on achieving strategic goals.
Why Select Hunter-Baldwin Consulting, LLC?
Over the past thirteen years, at two well-known and respected institutions, the managing partner of Hunter-Baldwin Consulting was directly responsible for leading a significant increase in enrollment, net tuition revenue, applications, campus visits, off campus events, school and counselor visits, and marketing and an internal search process. In both cases a major reorganization was initiated in order to best maximize enrollment and provide immediate feedback to potential students, parents and college counselors.

Perhaps the greatest contribution to both institutions beyond the significant outcomes was the selection, development and coaching of all personnel as well as the development of a market focused organization.