Making a Material Change in Self, Others, and Organizations.
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The Transformational Leadership Construct
Transformational Leadership Construct
The Art and Science of Leadership
An Experiential and Data-Driven Approach to Leadership.
The Transformational Leadership Construct is a dynamic combination of the most powerful elements of transformational leadership theory, combined with the data driven and time-tested research on the five leadership behaviors that transform organizations: institutional enduring values, laser focus on shared vision, innovation as a highly anticipated initiative, risk as a safe place, and authentic and personal recognition as an institutional imperative.

To reinforce the leadership construct and provide added leadership muscle, salient points of other thought leader's theory will be added as needed. Examples would be: ETHICAL LEADERSHIP, HUMILITY LEADERSHIP, CONTRARIAN LEADERSHIP, AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP, SHERPA LEADERSHP AND EAT LAST-GO FIRST-AND ANSWER THE QUESTION.
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Bob Murphy (right) at Mt. Everest Base Camp
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